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Cost of an MBA in Victoria

The intended audience of this article is the international student or prospect. The fees indicated herein are based on the published fees in the online CRICOS register. 

International students and prospective international students wanting to pursue a Master of Business Administration in Victoria would always ask about fees. There are other factors that influence decisions, such as cost of living, quality of education, and the prestige of the educational institution. If cost of living is a concern, this 2019 article is still quite valid (click on the link; opens up in a new window). The quality of education will be better in some, but the standard of education across Australia might be sufficient assurance that there is a minimum level of quality and that, even at the minimum, is good enough. Finally, prestige always goes first to the big universities and in Victoria, the University of Melbourne is number one. Perhaps the least prestigious would be the higher education institutions that are not universities, because these are generally private in nature, small in size, and not research-based (research activity is the primary source of federal funding for education institutions).

So, how much does it cost for a full program of the 104-week Master of Business Administration in Victoria? The list below is based on CRICOS-registered programs, and where multiple programs are registered, only data for the Master of Business Administration program is used (there are some MBA programs which have specialisations, or qualified with 'Advanced', 'Executive', and other program differentiators. Where there is no 104-week program, the program with the course duration nearest 104 weeks is chosen. Now, for the list:

Australian Catholic University (CRICOS 084682G) - $62,000 

Central Queensland University (CRICOS 084501F) - $59,490 

Charles Darwin University (CRICOS 077875A) - $37,6001 

Charles Sturt University (CRICOS 068168C) - $65,4382  

Deakin University (CRICOS 056889B) - $80,8003  

Edith Cowan University (CRICOS 079116B) - $59,800 

Federation University (CRICOS 085210J) - $56,950 

Holmes Institute (CRICOS 102781F) - $38,650 

Kaplan Business School (CRICOS 078565G) - $45,885 

La Trobe University (CRICOS 080774B) - $80,400 

Monash University (CRICOS 001461G) - $90,640 

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (CRICOS 077514D) - $88,936 

Southern Cross University (CRICOS 080919A) - $65,800 

Swinburne University (CRICOS 102648M) - $76,200 

University of Melbourne (CRICOS 089359M) - $101,4704 

Torrens University (CRICOS 090241D) - $47,6005 

University of the Sunshine Coast (CRICOS 088887F) - $54,8006

Victoria University (CRICOS 083299M) - 47,0807

Victoria Institute (CRICOS 096671M) - $48,500

Based on the foregoing, if only the dollar sign will be used as basis, the least-cost program is that of Charles Darwin University at $37,600 and the most expensive is that of the University of Melbourne at $101,470. Meanwhile, the dual degree programs from Torrens University and University of the Sunshine Coast can be appealing, as you obtain a dual qualification at the end, for the price of one (almost).   


In the list above, educational institutions not based in Victoria will generally have study centres in Melbourne. Further notes are indicated below.

1 MBA (Professional Practice)

2 Delivered by Study Group Australia

3 MBA (International)

4 Course duration is 102 weeks only

5 Dual degree with Master of Global Project Management

6 Dual degree with Master of International Business

7 MBA (Professional)

DISCLAIMER: Data provided above is based on published information at cricos.education.gov.au at the time of writing. It should not bind us or any third party. Contact the educational institution directly for up-to-date program costs. This Disclaimer further applies.

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