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Using Yahoo Mail to Send Email From a Virtual Email Address

A virtual email address is an email address within a domain which does not have an SMTP server. For example, given a domain, the email address is a virtual email address if there is no SMTP server running for the domain

Email Forwarding as Virtual Email Address

Among the services offered by domain registrar GODADDY.COM is email forwarding. For instance, while there is no SMTP server for the domain, the email address could be set up to be forwarded to a valid email address, in this case a Yahoo Mail address. All emails to will then be received at the Yahoo Mail inbox.

Sample Email Forwarding Setup in Go Daddy
It is important to note though that the following DNS entries must be present for the domain name

Sample DNS record for SMTP forwarding in Go Daddy

Setup Virtual Email Address as Send-Only Address in Yahoo Mail 

Using the Go Daddy email forwarding service as shown above, we can receive all mail messages for in the Yahoo Mail address We should then setup Yahoo Mail for sending emails from the email address To do this, go back to the email forwarding setup in Go Daddy and setup the email address to forward to an existing but different email address, i.e. not

In Yahoo Mail Settings > Writing Email, add an entry for a send-only address and click verify as shown below.

How to Add a Send-Only Email Address in Yahoo Mail
Check the inbox of the email address where is forwarding. There should be an email from Yahoo asking to verify the send-only address. Click on the link provided in the email to verify. If verification email is not received, try verification using Yahoo Mail Settings > Account. An unverified account will have an alert icon beside it. Click on the verify link to send verification email and repeat the process just described.

When a send-only email address is verified, you can send an email from Yahoo Mail using the send-only email address by selecting it from the dropdown list in the From field.

Send a Yahoo Mail email Using the Forwarded Email Address as Sender
As a final step, go back to Go Daddy and reset the mail forwarding for to the Yahoo Mail address

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