Wednesday, October 3, 2018

App Idea #1 - Location Tracker


The idea behind Location Tracker is simple. It provides visibility of the location of a vehicle, such as a campus loop bus. Passengers expecting to get on the bus are then able to visualize where the bus currently is.

Project Description

There are three components to this project:
  1. The Data Source app is a very simple app which the driver of a vehicle flicks on. The app then transmits location data to the Cloud Storage. This app is always on unless turned off.
  2. The Cloud Storage merely stores current location data of the Data Source. If there are multiple Data Sources, each is identified using a unique key.
  3. The Client app is an equally simple app with a map visual. It fetches the Data Source location data from the Cloud Storage and shows it on the map. It also shows the Client location data on the same map, and provides an estimate of how long the Data Source will be at the Client location.
Below is a mock-up screen for the Client app: