Monday, June 1, 2020

Free Certificate Courses on Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has been a trend for a while already and until recently, many traditional businesses have not fully appreciated the need for it. The lockdown due to the novel coronavirus compelled almost every business to adapt to an online model, thus pushing forward the digital transformation agenda.

Those who lost their jobs due to the lockdown would need to compete harder to get back to the job market, and being trained in a digital transformation skill or a set of skills might help improve the odds. Meanwhile, others who are new to the job market may want to further equip themselves with digital transformation skills that are currently what the job market needs. There are also those who simply want to maintain their competence through relevant professional development.

Torrens University Australia has decided to make its online certificate courses FREE as its response to the chaos the pandemic has brought upon the workforce. There are 18 courses under the Digital Transformation category and each used to cost AUD139. By using the coupon code TORRENS2020 on checkout, a 100% discount will be applied, reducing the course fee to zero.

To enrol in a course, you will need an account. Create one if you do not have one yet. It is easy and straightforward. You will be asked to login and after choosing your course, you can then proceed to checkout. You will be asked for credit card information on checkout. Note that you do not need to provide credit card information for the discount to be applied. Click on the Got a coupon? and validate the coupon code TORRENS2020. Once validated, click on Checkout and you're all set.

The following digital transformation courses are available:

Adopting Agile
Artificial Intelligence
AWS vs Azure vs Google
Business Growth Strategy
Capital Investment Process
Cloud Security
CSR and Customer Engagement
Competitive Advantage
Distribution Channels and OTA
Domain Driven Design
Executive Guide to DevOps
Introduction to CSR
Private vs Public vs Hybrid
SEO and Marketing
Secure Failure
Source Control
User Experience Design

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